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My Little House Design: Bookcase Restyling

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bookcase Restyling

I've mentioned many times how much I love bookcases, especially the kind with glass doors like the one in my bedroom.

But lately, I've really let my bookcase go. Stuff was just piled in there willy-nilly like it was a closet, except you could see through the doors.

I decided to take the time and restyle it when I had a flash of inspiration that was subconsciously sparked by this memory of this image:

This is a still from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which is an excellent movie if you haven't already seen it (and even if you have seen it you should watch it again because it gets better every time). See behind them, how the books are all turned around? In the movie it is a metaphor for how their lives are all turned around or how blank their memories are or just because it looks cool. I decided it would look cool if I did that to my books too.

This is the best kind of styling because a) it took about 8 minutes to do, b) it took no thought or styling skills, and c) people can no longer judge me for how many young adult books I read :) 

This look works especially well in this room because that black bookcase again the dark blue wall is a really heavy look. I will eventually switch it out for something lighter but for now this gives the illusion of lightness. 

My apologies for the shadowy pictures. It is always dark when I get home from work so it's hard to get good sunlit pictures.

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