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My Little House Design: Mini Yarn Wrapped Wreath Ornaments

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mini Yarn Wrapped Wreath Ornaments

I am not super crafty. I enjoy doing crafts but it is a lot of work to gather all the right materials and then to make the whole craft come together. But last Christmas I actually did a craft that was easy, attractive, and affordable - yay!

 I made mini yarn wrapped wreath ornaments. You know why I love them? Because they are miniature of course! There is literally no skill involved in making these so that makes them even better. Here is what I bought:

1) 3" Styrofoam Wreaths - I bought a pack of 20 for $15.00 from here.

2) Yarn. I got four colors: red, green, cream, and dark grey. I still have a lot of yarn left over since these ornaments are so small, but I wanted a variety of colors. This is a great project if you already have yarn sitting around.  I wrapped the yarn around them, tied it off, and cut it very close. This one below has lots of knots because I did it color blocked. If you're picky you could tuck the knots under the yarn but clearly I'm not so I just left it like this. It will eventually be hanging on a tree so only one side will be visible anyway.

3) I also bought a pack of mini trees and mini bells to add to a few of them. 

Here is a sampling of the finished products. 

I made 18 out of 20 ornaments last year. The 19th is below. Apparently I just couldn't take it another second so I left this one half finished all year. That's extreme laziness for ya, I could finish a one minute craft haha.

I loved this craft so much I decided to do a bigger wreath. I got a 12" styrofoam at Michael's for about $12.99 and wrapped it in the same way I did the little ones (why are styrofoam wreaths so expensive??? Seriously, it is like 4 oz of styrofoam, it can't cost that much to make).

I love this wreath! I think I left it at my parent's house so I need to get it so I can put it on my front door.

So that is my craftiness of last year. I don't think I'll be doing any Christmas crafts this year. I think I'm more of an every other year kind of Christmas crafty gal.

You should totally do this craft because it is easy, cute, and cheap (about $1.50 per ornament, $15 for the bigger wreath).

Happy crafting!

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