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My Little House Design: West Elm Lovin'

Monday, November 26, 2012

West Elm Lovin'

As I mentioned here, West Elm just opened a store in Indianapolis. This weekend I visited the new store and I loved it! Looking online or through a catalog is totally different than going to an actual store (I tend to forget that since I don't go shopping very often).

Here are few things I noticed and the one thing I bought. None of these pictures are good because I felt super weird taking pictures in the store. It somehow felt wrong so these are pictures that I took very sneakily.

This pictures is of a hand carved bird statue. They were adorable but mostly I took this picture because they represent something super cool that West Elm does... they sell Etsy products in their stores! So cool. These little birds are from a shop called 50 Little Birds and they are made locally here in Indianapolis. 

I love this wreath made of felt balls. They also have it in a garland. Although I would love to buy it I also know it is totally DIYable.

It may be hard to see from this picture but these are paper flowers. I don't know why but I really loved them.

This is what I bought (obviously, since it's on my dining room table). Yep, I bought a white ceramic cornucopia. Super random? You bet. But I actually pinned it a while back because I liked it and it was on sale in the store. Originally $40 I got it for $19.99. It is pretty big at about 15" long and about 5 lb. (I'm mostly exaggerating about the weight but it is pretty heavy especially when you are trying to carry it around a mall).  This purchase typifies my 'tip' from this post. If you can hold out through a holiday everything is really marked down afterward. 

If you live in Indy you should check it out. It was fun to visit the store.

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