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My Little House Design: DIY Gold Leaf Projects

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY Gold Leaf Projects

Yesterday, I shared my DIY gold leaf tray. It was such a fun easy project that I thought I would share other easy projects that utilize the beautiful gold leaf look.

My favorite DIY ever! This DIY gold leaf tray didn't cost me anything and it only took about 45 minutes to do.

A few months ago I gold leafed some plastic clearance frames. It was a very easy project and I love the look (especially against those deep blue walls!). The gold pen I got cost $7.99 but I was able to do all five of these frames plus the project above.

Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on how to gild a lampshade. Such a good way to update an old or simple shade. In her tutorial she uses gold leaf sheets as opposed to the gold leaf pen that I used.

Gold leaf dipped table legs. I love this look! You may have to use gold colored paint for this look instead of a gold leaf pen, but the overall look is the same.

I love this DIY gold leafed map art from The Ugly Duckling House! Such a cool project. This would definitely take more than an hour to do but the pay off would be great.

This project from A Beautiful Mess combines two of my favorite things: recycling and gold leaf. These honey bear jars are just the regular ones from the grocery store but after they have been gold leafed they look like they cost $20 each! This would be so adorable to have sitting out at a party. Next time you run out of honey don't throw away the bear!

This faux gold corner frame treatment is awesome. If you click through to A Thoughtful Place's tutorial you'll see that she spray painted masking tape gold to get the look but you could also just use the gold leaf pen to do the same thing.

There is no tutorial for this image... it is just a link to someone's Instagram feed but the concept is simple. They spray painted the brackets from IKEA shelves gold. They look so classy and expensive now.

Mason jars are all the rage so why not combine two trends with these gold leafed animals on mason jar lids? Adorable. Tutorial here.

Happy gold-leafing!

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