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My Little House Design: Another Craigslist Post

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Craigslist Post

I have sung the praises of Craigslist many a time (here, here, here), but today is an exception. As much as I love what I find on Craigslist I really hate the user experience of their website. I do have to give them props for really sticking to their original format though. I've been using Craigslist for like five years and their webpage hasn't changed one bit. But what I don't like is when you click furniture you get a list that looks like this:

And then in order to see the image (I would never buy something without seeing an image first) you have to click through to each individual ad. I find this annoying because I will read an ad like this, "full size headboard" which is so generic it could look like anything that I basically have to click through in order to know what it looks like.

This is not something I am even remotely interested in but I wasted that time clicking through to the ad and then clicking back to the furniture list just to find that out. I want to be able to breeze through my search not waste my time clicking through to weird bed frames.

The solution? CraigsEasy. I love this! You may have already heard of it and use it, but if not I think you will really like. I found this about a year ago and it blew my mind! It works sort of like Pinterest in that you download a button for your bookmarks bar. You follow the instructions listed and then presto! You get this:

Pictures! I love this so much because you can easily scroll through and see all the images and find what you are looking for. This really cuts down on my Craigslisting time and helps me to see only the ads with pictures (which are the only ones I'm interested in anyway).

If this is old news to you, my apologies, but I wanted to share it with those of you that haven't yet heard of it.

Happy Craigslisting!

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