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My Little House Design: Sad Sheep, Happy Me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sad Sheep, Happy Me.

Sheepskins are super trendy and I'm happy to jump on any bandwagon for free so last week when I found a sheepskin rug in my parent's garage that was not being used I jumped on it.

I knew exactly where I wanted it to go - on the side of the bed in front of my nightstand. The reason I wanted it there because the zig zag rug in there isn't big enough to cover the whole floor.

I made a floor plan of my bedroom to help illustrate my point. Here you can see how small the 8'x5' rug looks in my 14'x11' room.

Ignore the weird colors and patterns, the idea is for you to see the basic shapes. Originally I place the rug this way because it is the most logical but it didn't look great. Only about a foot of the rug was showing on the sides and foot of the bed which is not the best way to maximize rug coverage so I tried position two:

With the rug this way when people walk by or into the room it looks like the rug covers the whole floor. Most people don't walk over to the other side of the room, so the rug this way actually works. But, since I walk on the other side all the time I really wanted something soft over there and I knew an animal skin would look great. IKEA sells sheep skins for $30 so I thought next time I go I'll buy one, but then my parent's garage sheepskin came into my life unexpectedly - Yay!

I said ignore the colors and patterns of these floor plans but can we talk about how freakin' adorable that mini cow rug is???? I mean, if it were real that would be sad because it would be from a baby cow, but you know me and miniatures.

Now both sides of the room have happy rug love!

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