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My Little House Design: My $0 Sofa Table

Monday, October 8, 2012

My $0 Sofa Table

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm obsessed with craigslist, but so far it as failed me in my search for a sofa table*. I want one and I want it for $10... is that too much to ask universe?!

Apparently, it is.

So I took matters into my own hands a few months ago and created this:

Did I get a sofa table? Nope!

This is probably the most brilliant thing I've ever done (that isn't really saying much). I wanted a ledge behind this couch for plants and other things because I don't like couches right up against windows and my living room is plenty big enough to move the couch forward 12-18". A sofa table would have been perfect, but since I was unwilling to pay $100 for something that would really not show at all I opted to make a faux sofa table. It all started when I was cleaning out the second bedroom a few months after I moved in. I had all these empty boxes sitting around that I was about to move to the basement when my moment of clarity came... boxes as a ledge. So I hauled a bunch in the living room and tried it out. I ended up using six boxes (three plastic and three cardboard) to get the right length. Then I just used a long piece of fabric I had lying around to cover it up. I've been using it for around six months and it has held up great. Those statues and plants aren't light either! I'm pretty impressed that those cardboard lids haven't given way yet. So there is my brilliant zero dollar sofa table... you should do it too! My boxes are empty (I think) but it would be a great place for storage if you are hurting for space. It would be the perfect place to store seasonal items or keepsakes that you don't need to have access to readily.

* Disclaimer: I literally loathe the word 'sofa' but 'couch table' doesn't sound right, so I begrudingly use the word here.

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