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My Little House Design: My First (tall) Christmas Tree

Friday, November 30, 2012

My First (tall) Christmas Tree

As I shared in this post, I had a small tree that has served it's purpose well for the past few Christmases. This year, since I won't be going out of town for the holidays and since I have my own house I knew I wanted to get a bigger tree. The one I had was like 2' or something so I thought a 4-5' would be a good improvement. Then I got stuck because I couldn't decide if I wanted to get a real or fake tree... Here is the mental chart I made:

REAL TREE: pretty, expensive, you have to buy a new one every year, hard for me to carry in and out of the house, messy?, better for the environment

FAKE TREE: very bad for the environment, cheesy?, ugly (sometimes), suburban, you have to store it, you only have to buy it once, expensive, lots of color options

After this internal battle I finally decided, I wanted a real tree that was 4-5' tall... well, turns out it didn't matter what I wanted because one night my Dad showed up at my house with a 7' fake tree. Here's the thing about my parents, they just love me too much. Seriously, they just want to buy me everything and it's so annoying. No, I'm joking, it's awesome because I'm kinda broke so I totally take any freebies people hand out. Anyway, he found one on clearance and just bought it on a whim. Thankfully, I like the tree! It is a fake 7' tree which is basically the opposite of what I had decided I wanted but you know what, life's short and I don't really care because it will be up for three weeks a year.

The End.

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