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My Little House Design: A Formal Introduction

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Formal Introduction

Today I realized that I have forgotten to make an important introduction. You all come here to read about my adventures at my little house, but there is something in my little house that I haven't shared about yet... my dog! Yes, I have a dog, his name is Bob Wiley. He is named after this guy:


Yep, that's Bill Murray as Bob Wiley in What About Bob? my all time favorite movie. Have you seen it? If you haven't you should go watch it right now. It does not disappoint.

Here is my Bob Wiley the day I got him:

OMG, right? I adopted him when he was seven weeks old. He is a beagle/English bulldog mix. He was so freakin' tiny!

Seriously, he was such a cute puppy. I'd wanted a dog of my own since I graduated from college but I couldn't afford one or justify leaving it home all day while I was at work. But when I moved back to Indiana and started working out of a home office I knew that getting a dog would be a little more feasible for me (I bring him to work with me now).

Like most things in my life I acted impulsively when it came to buying a dog (it's how I ended up with three tattoos). I decided one day that it was just 'the day' to get a dog so I went to an adoption event at a pet store and I came home with Bob.

He is now about 11 months old and he is a serious pain in my butt.

In the past 10 months we have accomplished the following things:
potty training
crate training
puppy class (he sits and lays down on command... most of the time)

In the past 10 months we have repeated failed in the following areas:
leaving me alone (he is constantly in my business)
digging through the trash
stealing my stuff (he nabs it then runs and hides under my bed)
shedding (isn't there a magic cream to just make. it. stop. ????)
walking on a leash

Ugh... he is a total pain but I do love him and he is really cute. Plus it is nice to have a living thing to keep me company at my house. So that is Bob Wiley. You will occasionally see him photo bombing my pictures, like so:

But mostly you will just see his dog hair everywhere (It's a full time job keeping up with hair removal). Do I regret getting a dog? Uh... 50/50, but I do love him and when he escaped a couple of weeks ago I swore to God I would be a better dog owner. One time a friend gave me a certificate for being impulsive (it was a joke) and the caption said, "Bad Decisions Make Good Stories." Honestly, having a dog has taught me so much about myself and it has humbled me more than I thought possible. Do you have a naughty pet? Please tell me all about it because I need all the encouragement I can get!

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