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My Little House Design: Online Window Shopping

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Online Window Shopping

This weekend at my little house there are lots of projects going on. So this is just a mental break for me to share some super cool stuff that I'm loving right now.

I LOVE shopping online. I'm not addicted or anything I just really prefer shopping online to shopping at a store (this applies only to new things, not shopping for used or vintage items). So here are a few cool things I've found recently that hopefully you haven't seen and you'll find interesting.



Can you tell what those are? They are Fridge Coasters! Is your mind blown? Mine was. Such a great idea. You can take them off and clean them instead of reaching all the way back into your fridge to clean it. Also, they come in really fun patterns and colors. I personally like the black and white polka dot. They aren't terribly expensive either, a set of three (S, M, and L) is $25. It would be a really great housewarming gift.


This bowl is bananas. I love it almost as much as I love pistachios. This bowl can also be used for other things that require a disposal dish like edamame and olives with pits. It's made by Joseph Joseph and is $18. This would also make a great housewarming gift.

I love these so much. They are called Pretty Pegs and they are to replace the simple birch blocks that come on IKEA furniture. Unfortunately, these are pretty expensive at around $200 for a set of four. But if you think about $200 plus a $600 IKEA couch is still really cheap for a cool looking couch. I actually plan on attempting to DIY these teak and brass legs at some point. I'll let you know if it works out.




I love Fishs Eddy. It only has two locations both in the New York area, but their online store is great. They are famous for their unique patterned dishes but I like some of the more random things like these little trays that have parking tickets or restaurant checks on them. I also love these glass food storage containers. They look vintage and would be so cute if you packed your own lunch. But my favorite find are these portrait coasters. A set of 10 is only $4.95. They are so absurd, yet I find them so appealing.



Do you think this is wallpaper? I did too, but it's actually a large stencil. So great right? These stencils are about $40-60. That seems expensive but if you compare it to wallpaper the stencils are way cheaper. Of course, doing a stencil like this would be a lot of work, but the impact would be huge. I particularly like the houndstooth (not in that gross purple though) and the large paisleys. I think that these stencils would work great in a small space like an entry way or bathroom.

So those are just a few things that have caught my eye lately. Hope you enjoyed my little version of online window shopping.

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