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My Little House Design: Thoughts on Gallery Walls, Pt 2

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thoughts on Gallery Walls, Pt 2

Deciding on the type of gallery wall you want is one thing but filling all that wall space is a whole different animal. Here a few of the things that I have filled my walls with:

1) Framed Photographs. I prefer color photographs, but black and white is nice too. It is easy to just grab whatever 4"x6" prints you have lying around but I highly recommend only framing 5"x7" photographs or larger so that they can be easily seen (I do not currently follow this recommendation but I hope to in the future). I like to put up favorite travel photos or funny pictures from childhood like these:

2) Prints. Yes, you can buy prints from Etsy or a local artist, but the prints I am talking about are free printables. All you need is a color printer and voila! You have amazing free art for your walls. I really like Vintage Printables. Here are a few that I have printed and framed:

3) Notecards. I love to frame notecards because sometimes they are just too pretty to give away (I'm pretty selfish I guess haha). Last year Missoni did a line for Target and I bought a set of notecards that I love. I've used most of them as thank you notes but I saved a few that I have framed on my walls. I also have several vintage postcards framed. Almost every antiques store has a bin of old postcards for $1 or $.50. I love to look through them and get a few that catch my eye.

4) Fabric. I like to frame fabric. If the fabric has a nice pattern it can look like art when framed. I also think it looks cool if you use fabric as a faux mat. If the picture is simple than a patterned fabric mat can add more visual interest. (Yes, that is a child smoking a cigarette but don't worry it's fake and it was hilarious.)

5) Art. Art can be expensive so I like to get mine from unexpected places. My number one favorite place to get art is a place called FREE. Okay I'm just being annoying but seriously a lot of my art prints were hand me downs (I have amazing friends and former employers). Another good source of art prints is an art museum. You'd think that art museum shops would be super expensive and they can be but a lot of times their prints or postcards are pretty cheap. Take for example these two Hopper prints. The top one is a professionally matted print that was given to me and the bottom one is a $10 print from the MET framed in a clearance frame from Target. I also have found framed art at garage sales and thrift shops for decent prices like the little floral below.

Those are just a few of things that fill my walls. What do you like to put on your walls? Have you found any great and unexpected pieces lately?

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