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My Little House Design: Etsy Love

Monday, August 13, 2012

Etsy Love

I'm kind of over Etsy... okay maybe 'over it' is a little strong, but my love affair is definitely in the 'don't call me, I'll call you' stage. Four years ago when I got my very first job my co-worker introduced me to the website. She was planning her and wedding was buying a lot of stuff off of it. I like to consider myself crafty and at the time Etsy was mainly just home crafters so I opened my own shop. I sold notecards that I made. I sold a few but after about a year (and very little updating on my part) I shut down my shop. Since then I have enjoyed looking at all the shops, buying a few things for myself, and buying a few things as gifts. So why am I over Etsy you ask? My main beef with Etsy is this: shipping costs. I hate when I see a super cute item that is reasonably priced and then I see the shipping cost is as much, if not more than the item itself. Mostly this is because Etsy is global so you can see a cool piece and then find out it is made in New Zealand and it will take three weeks to ship. Boo. So my Etsy rule is this: buy only paper items or jewelry. Why those two items? Because they are lightweight and shipping costs are much lower. I still do enjoy looking on Etsy I just don't expect to buy anything... it's more of a 'window shopping' website for me now. In the four years I've known about Etsy I've purchase nine items and favorited over 400 items. So yeah, I'm definitely more of an Etsy browser not buyer. But here are a few of the things around my house that I purchased from Etsy.
This is the first thing I ever purchased on Etsy. I don't know what it is that drew me to this print but I really liked it. It cost $25 (plus $3 shipping). Looking back I am surprised I paid that much for it, thankfully I still like it. I put it in a Ribba frame from IKEA. In this picture the wood is blond but since this picture I've painted the frame white. This print was purchased from 1canoe2.
If you've ever been on Etsy you've seen these prints on book pages. They are very popular and the many shops that sell them have hundreds upon hundreds of images to choose from. Sometimes I think too hard about things and think that these images are too trendy or the trend has passed, but then I remind myself that my house is my house and I can do whatever I like. I happen to still like these images so that is my response to 'that trend is over.' These are also in the wonderful Ribba frame from IKEA. These prints were purchased from EncorePrints and cost a total of $32.75
My most recent purchase on Etsy was a set of five prints to go over my bed. I really like the little birds. I bought them from the Australian shop Matou en Peluche. This purchase perfectly exemplifies my Etsy rule... even though these prints came all the way from Australia the shipping was only $3.00 because it was such a light package. I bought them on special, five for $25 so I paid $28 total. They are in clearance frames from Michael's that I gold leafed (I hope to share that project with you some time soon). The shop no longer sells the fifth print that is why there are only four close ups. So those are my meager thoughts and purchases on Etsy. Some day I would like to to do a whole post on some of my favorite shops on Etsy because I'm really good at favoriting things :)

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