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My Little House Design: Vintage Weekend

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vintage Weekend

This weekend I made it out to the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace. I love shopping at flea markets, but I try not to get too excited because you just never know what to expect. The way this flea market was marketed I knew it would be really cool which made me think it would be fun to look around but that everything would be overpriced. Thankfully, my theory was partially wrong. It was very cool and most booths were priced just right! I had a little budget set aside for this event and I am happy to say that I got several cool things and I came in way under budget! #win

These are my purchases. The very first booth I looked at I saw this Buddha lamp and I just had to have it. I was literally shocked when the price tag said $10... such a great price for a unique working lamp with a decent shade! I bought it immediately. I'm not a Buddhist but I like this iconic image and in that faux gold/brass it's right on trend. I stuck him on the credenza in my dining room for now. Not sure where he will end up permanently. The shade is in great condition but I do not like the shape. I'd like to get a tall drum shade for it in either black or white... haven't decided yet.

The second and third items I purchased were these sweet little film reels. They were two for $1. I've mentioned before that I have miniatures problem but I couldn't pass these up. I hung them on my living room gallery wall.

The last item I got was this huge red number 5. It's hard to explain why I like the things I do but for some reason this caught my eye. It was listed at $18 but I got it for $15. Not a bad price for a 3'x 1' piece of art. I hung it by my DIYed art work.

Believe it or not I got all that for $26! Not bad at all. Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!

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