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My Little House Design: New Plants, Part 3 of 4

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Plants, Part 3 of 4

I managed to make 20 succulents stretch into four planters (Part 1 and Part 2) and here is the third one!

I had this little glass dish/jar/bowl (?) from something, maybe a flower arrangement or something? I kept it because it's hard to just throw away a nice glass thing so it's been in the back of a cabinet for a long time. Anyway, I thought it would make a cute little mini-terrarium (its about 6" tall x 5" in diameter).

Yeah, I'm aware how blurry this pic is, 
but give me a little a credit, I was still be-casted at this point.

Like, the brass planter, I went rock-finding in my backyard to aid in the drainage of this non-planter turned planter. 

Remember my little greenhouse? Well, I'm happy to report, that even though my baby greenhouse did not have a home or any occupants for a few days, it does now! Baby terrarium meet baby greenhouse.

Happy, happy plants!

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