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My Little House Design: Scratch Map: Updated

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scratch Map: Updated

I got a scratch map last Christmas and I still love it. It is such a fun way to document the places in the world I have gone.

When I first got the map I tried to only scratch the states I have been to, but it just looks sort of silly since there is no state outlines on the map. Since I needed to add Switzerland and Italy, it was the perfect time to fill in the entire United States (I've been to over half of the states so I think that counts) and Canada.

Side tip: You know all those annoying little tabs on the back of cheap picture frames? Those things that kill your finger pads when you try to lift them? Yeah, those. I use a butter knife to lift those up to save my fingers. It will change your life!

Much better! My map has a little more color! Eleven countries down... uh, a lot more to go.

If you are wondering why there isn't a pulled out 'after' shot of this area it's because my room is a hot mess and nobody needs to see that. 

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