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Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm Alive!

Are you still there dear readers? I wouldn't blame you if you aren't. I disappeared for quite a while, but I'm back now!

As I mentioned here, I decided to take a month off and travel. I went to Switzerland! It was amazing. Seriously, Switzerland is beautiful, I highly recommend it.

What I don't recommend is falling on a wine glass while in the Alps .... yeah, 11 stitches later I was good to go. At least that is what I thought then. A week later when part of my hand was still numb I went to see a surgeon who said I most likely had nerve damage but it could wait until I got back to the States. Cut to me back in the States having hand surgery to reattach the nerve I severed. It wasn't exactly what I had planned for my stateside return, but what can I do?

My hand currently looks like this:

As you can imagine, typing is difficult at best. House projects will most likely be taking a backseat for the next few weeks while I recover and let my hand heal. 

But I still have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, er cast, so I'll try and keep the content coming.

I hope you all are having a lovely summer!


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