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My Little House Design: Online Window Shopping: IKEA Part 2

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Online Window Shopping: IKEA Part 2

... picking right up where we left off, here are more of my current favorites at IKEA:

Aztec prints are super trendy right now and like most trends there is no use dumping money into something that will be dated in two years. IKEA versions of trends are always a good idea. Available here for $149.00.

Curtains can be so hit or miss but I like these simple blue and white curtains. They have a sort of nautical vibe. The pair is available here for $14.99.

Trays are one of those weird decorative things that you don't really need but you can always find a place for. I like them on ottomans, side tables, and nightstands. Available here for $12.99.

I've been enamored by this large zebra print for several years now. You know I love bold graphic prints and the zebra is basically the original large graphic print. Available here for $39.99.

Botanical prints are also very trendy right now. You may be lucky enough to find a vintage one but it will seriously cost you. Why not buy this affordable IKEA version? Available here for $19.99.

Benches are very useful pieces of furniture. I love them at the end of beds and in entry ways. This clean and simple white one would look attractive anywhere. Available here for $79.99.

I love bookends. They are semi-functional and can be like jewelry for books. Available here for $4.99.

I'm not usually into frilly and feminine things but these lace candle holders are really sweet. Available here for $5.99.

I love this big swoopy white bowl. It has so much potential! Available here for $29.99. 

This mini greenhouse may be the most amazing thing I've ever seen... I mean, it is a mini greenhouse! Adorable! Available here for $19.99. 

This cheery striped towel makes me smile. And since doing dishes is pretty boring a smile can really go a long way. Available here for $2.99.

This black deck chair is pretty fabulous. I think I would feel quite fancy sitting in it. Available here for $119.00.

Oooo this grey wingback is soooo pretty. Available here for $279.00.

Does all this eye candy make you want to take a trip to IKEA? It sure makes me want to!

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At September 12, 2013 at 6:20 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

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