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My Little House Design: Decorating Resolutions

Monday, June 10, 2013

Decorating Resolutions

I don't typically do resolutions for the New Year mostly because I just don't. But the other day I was thinking to myself about resolving to change this or that about my house and I was like, Hey! I should make a resolutions list for my house. Since it's June I feel like it isn't too trendy to do resolutions so why not?

Here are few resolutions about my house:

1) Less than 3 IKEA items per room

IKEA Karlstad couch, IKEA Stockholm rug, and IKEA Vate floor lamp
I love IKEA. I sincerely wish there was one closer than three hours round trip but my house is pretty IKEA-ified at this point. Everyone knows IKEA furniture is poor/average quality but they have some really nice designs that as a freshly minted college graduate I flocked to. Now as a successful an employed late-twenty something I can afford to buy nicer furniture. Plus most people can recognize IKEA pieces so I don't want people coming into my house thinking it's an IKEA showroom (even though those showrooms are amazing). My resolution is to rely less on IKEA for every piece of furniture. Yes, they have cool designs at great prices but I want to mix it up a little. I think three large IKEA pieces per room is good balance for me. 

2) Stop being discontent with my progress

Sometimes I'll be sitting in my living room or dining room or just any room and all I can think about is what projects I want to get done. I get very frustrated that I don't have more time, money, and/or skills to get more projects done. But I don't want to do that anymore. I want to be content with the progress I have made and to just be in my house as it is right now. This is more of a discipline than a resolution but it is something I want to actively work on because I think it will make me happier person.

3) Stop stressing about dog hair and dust

Dude, I have a dog and he is messy. I'm a tidy person and my house usually really clean but my dog is a little hellion. Also, he's a hoarder. So my house is constantly covered in dog hair (he is black and white so when his hair comes out and mixes together it looks like grey hair so my house is always covered in grey hair which is somehow extra gross), muddy paw prints (even though I wipe his paws every time he comes inside), and dog bones nosed into corners where they are "buried". It really bothers me. But I also don't have the time or energy to clean up after him every day so my goal is clean up once a week and just let it be the rest of the week. I did choose to own an animal so I can't really expect him to live up to my human standards of cleanliness.

4) Accept that I make design mistakes

I make a lot of rash decisions. Maybe rash isn't the word, but I make quick decisions. I generally know what I want when I am making a design choice but sometimes I make the wrong choice. It happens! For example, I painted my bathroom three times before I landed on a color I like and wait for it... it was the original color of the bathroom before I even stared painting womp womp. Part of the beauty of interior design is that it can be changed easily and often. I'm learning to accept that just because I bought a piece of furniture doesn't mean I have to keep it for 10 years. If I decide after a year or even a day that I don't like something I can sell it or give it away and move on to the next thing and the world won't stop turning.

5) Don't overly accessorize

I love to go thrifting and to yard sales and to cool shops and it is easy for me to pick up little decorative items along the way. Because they are small and cheap I don't really think about if I need a mallard duck for $4 or a purple bubble gum machine for $7. I see something cool for a good price and I buy it. But I don't need 50 decorative items in my house. I "need" maybe 10-20. My resolution is to really question if I need that elephant planter or brass Nefirtiti, yes they are cool but do I really need them? Also, just because I have something cool doesn't mean it has to be sitting out. My dresser, faux sofa table, and dining room credenze are overloaded with items just because I have them. I need to declutter and start rotating items. I put a small box in my bedroom closet where I plan to keep decorative items that I will rotate out. It's a small box so I'm not keeping a ton of stuff put up away but this way I'll get to keep the items I really like and not feel like I'm living in a Hoarders episode.

What do you think? Are decorating resolutions something you think about while sitting on your couch? No, just me? Ah well.

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At June 14, 2013 at 10:01 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I need to try to limit the amount of decorative items I bring home too. I'm starting to collect a bunch of stuff that's hard to style. There's only so much surface area in my home and I need to keep it uncluttered.

At June 15, 2013 at 12:57 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

yep, I definitely know what you mean!


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