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My Little House Design: Toolbox Tour: DIY Must Haves Part 1

Monday, May 13, 2013

Toolbox Tour: DIY Must Haves Part 1

I got my first set of tools as a high school graduation gift. It was a little set from IKEA that included a hammer, flat head and phillips screwdrivers, a wrench, and pliers. It served me well all through college and into my first year living on my own. But then I got the decorating and DIY bug and I moved up to bigger and better things, and that is when I bought a toolbox. I felt like such a man (not male, but like a responsible adult citizen) buying one, that is until I quickly filled it with girly crap like 3M hooks and a stapler with flowers on it :)

This last year I've really honed in on what tools I actually use and need often. I live alone (sometimes) and I'm not really into a lot of major construction projects so these are the necessary tools for the amateur or just a regular old homeowner. These are the things you will need to hang a picture, repair a hole in the drywall or plaster, or paint a room.

So if you are just starting out or trying to clean up your tool kit, here is what I use, starting with paint supplies...

Part 1: Paint Supplies

Sure you can open a can of paint with a flat head but for 79 cents you can buy a paint can opener and it will make opening a paint can like a billion times less annoying. Plus you can keep this tool with your paint supplies and not have to go digging through your toolbox every time you need to paint. Bonus, the opposite end is a BOTTLE. OPENER. What???

I paint a lot so a while back I stopped buying the linings for this paint tray and just dumped the paint directly into the tray. It rinses out pretty well and it saves me like a $1.50 every time I paint. But either way you'll need a tray for painting. The nice thing about this paint tray is that you can store all of the other paint supplies inside of it when it's not in use. I love things with dual purposes!

It's pretty obvious, but you'll need a paint roller. I own a really crappy one, but if you are buying a new one I'd recommend the kind that extend a little because they make it easier to paint up closer to the ceiling (especially if you have taller ceilings). 

I've said it before but I prefer Frog Tape over any other brand (here). I don't tape when I paint rooms any more, but I do use painter's tape for a variety of other paint related projects.

I love sandpaper blocks! They are so much easier to use than a piece of sandpaper. I would love to buy an orbital sander but until then I use the sanding blocks when I can (although annoyingly I've only been able to find them in a light grit). 

No matter how hard I try I cannot wait for Spackle to dry. I don't know what is wrong with me. Anyway, Spackle is really nice to have around for repairing any holes, but unlike me, you should really wait for it to dry. 

Magic Erasers are super weird. I really don't like touching them because the material is strange and it makes my skin crawl, but I try to get over it because they actually work. I like to keep them around when I'm painting to remove any paint drips on trim or my hardwood floors. Or you can use it for prepping a wall or piece of furniture that is a little dirty. Bonus: these suckers last a really long time.

via Walmart

I just recently threw out my 2" angle paint brush because it had seen better days. But this is my go to paint brush (not this one in particular, I'm not brand loyal about this kind of stuff). I use this for trimming out rooms instead of taping the whole room up. It works great and it's much faster than it sounds.

via Bed Bath & Beyond

While not technically a "tool", I have this step ladder and I love it! I forgot to take a picture of mine, but this is the one I have. Of course, using a step ladder to paint is optional, but I really recommend it. I used to just stand on a dining room chair but a few paint splatters later I figured it was time to get something a little more appropriate for the task. While I use this every time I paint, I also use it to reach the top of closets, etc. It's nice to have around!

Those are my go to paint tools. I paint a lot but even if you are only planning on painting one or two rooms I would still recommend all of these things. Thankfully, all of these 'tools' are really inexpensive and they are mostly reusable.

What are your go to paint tools?

PS I'll be back on Wednesday with a round up of what other tools I use and love!

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