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My Little House Design: Adding Whimsy to Your Home

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adding Whimsy to Your Home

If I had to describe my design aesthetic it would be "vintage modern with a touch of whimsy." Quite a mouthful, uh? I've talked a lot about thrifting and antiquing but I haven't talked so much about the 'whimsy' aspect. If you know me then you know I'm obsessed with miniatures. It's uncontrollable. If you show me something tiny I will just start giggling and cooing like I'm insane. My love of whimsical things is almost to that level. What do I mean by whimsical? Let me show you!

Here is my biggest piece of whimsy:

No one needs a Union Jack dresser but I'm love with it. I wanted a dresser to put my TV on (more on dressers as TV stands here and where I got the dresser here). I could have gotten any old dresser off of craigslist, but why not get one with a huge bold statement painted all over it? It is by far the piece that is most noticed and complimented in my house. 

Gallery walls are the perfect place to add in touches of whimsy. My gallery walls (more on them here and here) are a mixture of art, objects, and photos, most of which are pretty normal and pleasing to the eye. But there are two places where I just let my whimsy go wild.

Why yes, that is a little child smoking. It's a fake cigarette and it's hilarious. It makes me smile every time I see it. Most people don't look close enough to see it but those who do are taken aback and that's my favorite reaction to evoke in people (insert maniacal laughter). 

My Mom bought me this little pink sombrero when she was in Mexico and I love it (hello, it's miniature!). One day it occurred to me that I should hang it on the wall and so I did. Honorable mention for whimsy goes to Bob in his graduation cap. (Excuse the night pictures... it is always dark when I'm home so I'm working with what I got.)

Kitchen accessories can be fanciful too. I love my matryoshka measuring cups! They look like regular ol' nesting dolls until you open them up and realize that they are 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, etc. Functional and funny is always a winning combination in my book! (You can buy them here)

I love my Buddha lamp (where I got it here). I guess I shouldn't laugh at other people's god, but it's funny because it's a lamp. 

Some whimsical things serve no purpose but to make you smile. Like this tiny ceramic paper plane which just sits around all day being adorable. Please note what's in the picture frame... it is the single funniest thing that has ever been given to me in the history of my life. When my youngest brother was eight he sent this letter to me, he had just learned 'text' language, the translation is this: "Hey Sis! Laugh out loud my friend." Straight up hilarious. 

I think my inordinate amount of Alice in Wonderland stuff may qualify as fanciful material, but you didn't hear that from me. 

The open shelving in my kitchen is very functional, but I couldn't help but add this sweet little pig that I DIYed (here). 

So that's my case for artfully blending in items with a sense of whimsy. Don't take your home's style too seriously.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a round up of some very whimsical and inexpensive (you know how I do) items that will add a touch of whimsy to any home.

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At January 17, 2013 at 7:39 PM , Blogger Kim said...

I love the contrast of your shelving in the kitchen! Love!


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