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My Little House Design: Clocks

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Confusion never stops
Closing walls and ticking clocks

Let's talk clocks (not Coldplay). I've been suffering from some serious clock envy lately. I'm not sure why because I loathe the sound of a ticking clock. I mean, it will seriously drive me out of my mind. I once had one of those $5 clocks from Walmart in my dorm room in college but it drove me mad so I threw it away (to the chagrin of my roommate). But I may consider living with the sound again because these clocks look so so good (I can always take the batteries out right?).

I am so in love with this clock I want to eat it. Unfortunately, it is $160 :(

I love this clock. It comes in silver, mint, red, and white and it ranges in price from $25 to $40. It's adorable.

This sunburst clock is awesome and amazingly it's only $25! It reminds me of the sunburst mirror in my entry.

Here's another little retro number.. adorable and only $24 it would be a cute addition to any room.

This is a great clock and it would look great in a living room and it's only $25 so yay!

For some reason it seems like the most popular place for clocks is in kitchens... like these:





And they look great there, but I think clocks look good in lots of places.

Okay so this is technically in the kitchen but this a seriously 'go big or go home' take on the kitchen clock. (Source)

This kind of reminds me of those clocks at fancy banks, but homey and cool. (Source)

I've already professed my love for gallery walls and a clock would be an awesome edition to any gallery wall.

It's a pretty classic look to have a large clock in the living room. This clock really stands out because it's the only thing on the walls and the statement is lovely.

In my house I currently don't have any clocks, not an alarm clock, or a stove clock, or a microwave clock... I'm like living in the stone age over here. The only clock I have is on my phone so *fingers crossed* I never lose it! Maybe I "need" to get a new clock (I like to trick myself into "needing" things so I don't feel bad about buying them). How do you feel about clocks? Are you as torn as me about them?

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