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My Little House Design: IKEA Rast Makeover: Updated

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

IKEA Rast Makeover: Updated

About two weeks ago I shared my IKEA Rast makeover which turned out to be more of a make'eh'.

I had problems with the staining and I couldn't afford cool knobs so I sort of just left it in the 'progress' stage. This past weekend while I was shopping for my front door makeover job I wandered into the hardware aisle. Low and behold I found knobs that I liked! Okay, so I don't love them but I like them and for a cheap nightstand that is good enough for me. Especially since they were only $1.58 each after tax.


Unfortunantly, it wasn't as easy as just switching out the knobs. When I took the wooden knobs off they left this ring:

LAME. Whatevs, I am over this dresser. I put on Jurassic Park and did a quick sand and repainting of the drawer fronts. It didn't take that long and dinosaurs calm me down :)

I like the way the knobs look and it definitely looks more finished now. I've decided not to worry about re-staining it because I just don't care enough and it doesn't show that much. But I did do one other little thing to add personality to this piece...

Yay, happy polka dot lining! I've had this roll of red and white polka dot wrapping paper for about a year. I got in the dollar section at Target and I have seriously wrapped thirteen presents in it and it has still not run out... it is like the never ending roll of wrapping paper... (ironically I've wrapped a lot of Hanukkah presents with it so it's apropos). All I did was measure and cut out the paper and then I used scotch tape rolls all over the back. I don't know how long it will hold up but it looks really happy and I can easily replace it at any time.

The saga of the IKEA hack is o.v.e.r. Here is the cost break down:

IKEA Rast dresser: $34.99
Stain/Varnish combo: $12.99
Knobs: $9.48
White paint: $0 (already had it)
= $57.46

That is definitely more than I wanted to spend but it is a solid little dresser and I really like having all my stuff hidden in drawers, plus I could potentially use that stain on other projects (if I ever attempt staining again).

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