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My Little House Design: My house has a secret.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My house has a secret.

It all started with this picture:

In this post I talked about my new awesome cutting board and as I was uploading the pictures I had a fleeting thought "what is that under the cabinet?" But I promptly forgot and moved on with my day. Then yesterday I was doing the dishes and somehow I knocked my hand under the counter and there was a clatter. Wha wha what?

Then this happened:

O.M.G. This blew my mind. I like to think I am an observant person so how have I lived here for almost 10 months and not noticed that?! Seriously.

As you can see from this old picture I have a red paper towel holder that was on the kitchen cart.

Here is the paper towel holder I already had (I got at Target about four years ago).

I'm happy to clear up some counter space since I have none to speak of. Plus there are plenty of other cool uses for paper towel holders I've seen on Pinterest:

Bracelet holder

Painter's tape, twine, and other home improvement items

Ribbon holder

Pretty creative, huh? I'll keep you updated if I decide to do something cool with it. I just had to share my house's secret though, it definitely made my day!

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