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My Little House Design: It's Friday and I Need a 'Scenic View Break'

Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Friday and I Need a 'Scenic View Break'

I'm not athletic, by which I mean I am not in shape, by which I mean, well, you get it. My month in Switzerland was amazing (minus one incident involving the word 'sever') but there is one thing about Switzerland that I sort of forgot to prepare for. It's not a flat place, like anywhere. I was literally staying on the side of a mountain. So instead of going 'over there' it was always 'up there' or 'down there'. Since I was born and raised in Indiana my body has been calibrated from birth to be at sea level which made trekking up and down the mountain all day seriously hard work. So I invented the 'Scenic View Break'. It's basically, exactly what is sounds like. I stopped and enjoyed the view while I huffed and puffed. It is also served the purpose of giving me a moment to physic myself up for the rest of my climb.

All that to say is that sometimes in life (cue the Full House moral-moment music) it feels like an uphill climb and there are just days when you need to take a 'Scenic View Break.' That day is today for me. Maybe, like me, you can't take a literal 'Scenic View Break' but you can look at a few of my pictures from Switzerland and lose yourself for a few minutes. Enjoy!

Huemoz, Switzerland

Gruyères, Switzerland

Gruyères, Switzerland

Huemoz, Switzerland

Villars, Switzerland

La Barboleuse, Switzerland

Huemoz, Switzerland

Montreux, Switzerland

Huemoz, Switzerland

Montreux, Switzerland

See Scenic View Breaks totally work, right?

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At October 4, 2013 at 11:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jasmin - super random but great blog. I went to Switzerland a couple of months ago and loved it too. Cute house :)

Felicia (from high school)

At October 4, 2013 at 11:58 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Felicia! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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