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My Little House Design: From What I'm Told, Patience is a Virtue

Sunday, October 13, 2013

From What I'm Told, Patience is a Virtue

This past weekend was my much anticipated blog workshop to re-do my site. It was awesome! But I'm still not done with the redesign. Basically, I learned how to do a lot of new stuff so now I am working hard using my new skills. The beginnings of carpel tunnel aside, I'm trying to create as fast as I can, but I want the finished product to look awesome so it may be a few days before you hear from me again. There may even be a few days were my site appears broken (this will occur when I forward all the domains to the new one), but don't fear, I will be back some time this week. And it will be good! Not just a newly redesigned blog but the revealing of a special project I had done and other cool stuff.

Stay tuned!


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