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My Little House Design: $6 Vent Cover Makeover

Monday, February 18, 2013

$6 Vent Cover Makeover

Sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest difference. This weekend I took a $6.00 bottle of high gloss black spray paint and I gave a few of my house's vent covers a major facelift. This project was inspired by my new kitchen flooring because as I took the vent cover off when we were preparing the floor for the install I noticed how scraped up it was. I figured since it was just glossy black I could re-paint it. This was in the throes of the install so I didn't take pictures, but it turned out so well I decided to do a few other scuffed up ones in my house.

Here they are!

Excuse the flash, there is zero sunlight by this vent.   

This was a super fast and easy project. I picked up the vents (my covers just lay on top of the floor, there were no screws or anything), walked them outside, wiped them clean, used whatever grit sandpaper I had on hand to scuff them up a bit, and then did about four quick and even coats of spray paint. Easy!

I also had a brilliant idea, wouldn't it be awesome to spray paint vent covers in a kid's room a fun color like yellow or teal? It would be so easy to paint it back to black if you are trying to sell or something. I'm keeping that one in my memory bank. 

Have you ever attempted to spray paint your vent covers? Or have you never even noticed your vent covers (I didn't until I had to remove the one in the kitchen)? 

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