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My Little House Design: Enter Please

Monday, July 9, 2012

Enter Please

Entry ways are strange. It seems like they are either very formal and impractical or family friendly with lots of storage. It's hard to find inspiration for us in between a formal home and a chaotic family home. I'm a very casual person and I live alone so I don't need a lot of storage or something that takes your breath away. My entry way's purpose is to be the first taste of my style when someone walks into my house. Here is the entry when I first got my house:
So actually that is the terrible picture, but basically it is a little cream box in front of the door. There is one window in there as well. I had a lot of inspiration thanks to Pinterest. Here are few of my favorites:
I love this image and it's likely you've seen it also. It's everywhere and for good reason. That green! LOVE. I also love, love dressers not in bedrooms. But since I've already used a dresser in the living room I decided against one in the entry. (Source)
I love this table. The height and 'X' style legs. I also love idea of a lamp in the entry way, an easy way to make the space more intimate. The one thing that bothers me about this image is how styled it is... too obvious. (Image source: http://theeverygirl.com/feature/how-to-style-an-entryway/)
Here is another very popular image. Who doesn't love a deeply saturated wall with hot pink accent? Okay, I'm sure there are some, but I'm not one of them. Having a bench in the entry way makes sense to me. Because about the only thing I may actually do in my entry way is sit to take off my shoes. This image makes me a little sad though because I once had a lovely kelly green ampersand that was tragically broken with a clumsy bump from my large backside. Sad. (Source)
I really like the simplicity of this. White walls, natural wood dresser, and few well placed accessories. Simply perfect. (Source) Those being a few of my favorite inspiration images I did something completely different haha. This is just the progress update because I fully intend to do more to it in the future. Without further ado...
There she is! I threw in the Instagram just for fun. It's a simple design that I'm very pleased with for the time being. Here is a little break down: - THE RECORD TABLE The blue piece is something I acquired for free (love free!). I'm guessing it is from the sixties and I think it is an old record table. Under the book and globe in this picture there is an inset that used to be where the records would be placed. It has since been covered with a piece of wood. When I got the piece it was pink and green. Pink and green. Yikes. I painted it royal blue because I had it lying around and I still kind of like it although it would be awesome to strip it and get it back to natural wood again. Maybe some day. I like that you can still sit on one side and both sides open on top for storage (although right now they are empty). I toyed with the idea of adding fabric covered pads on each side to make it a more comfortable bench, but no progress on that front. - THE GLOBE The globe was purchase for $12 at an antiques store. I know, I know, globes are so hipster. Blah blah blah whatever. I like it. - THE BOOK The book was a Christmas gift probably 5-7 years ago from Target. What you can't see from this picture is that inside that book it is my pre-Pinterest board! I have all my magazine clippings in there for home decor and DIY projects. That always makes people laugh when the see it. - THE MIRROR The mirror is a classic sunburst mirror reproduction from Home Depot of all places and the best part is it was only $35! Sometimes I second guess myself and think... "Sunburst mirrors are everywhere, how unoriginal of you." But then I shake my head and ask myself, "Do you truly like this piece?" And if the answer is YES! I go for it. - THE STRIPE I can't remember where my inspiration came from for this. But one day I just did it. I used the paint color from my kitchen and used a measuring tape, pencil, painter's tape, and a level. I am terrible at math so it took forever but I got it done and it's looks pretty straight. I'm very happy with the effect it has on the space. Before the stripe:
During the stripe-ing:
The stripe is complete!
- THE LIGHT Like the rest of the house the entry had a generic builder's grade light fixture which I changed the first week I moved in. The light is from IKEA and I'm happy with it in that space. It's a great design, yet unobtrusive. Well, that is my entry way and officially my longest blog entry ever. Whew. That was a lot of work!

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That mirror looks great in the space.


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